Risk Management

Effective risk management supports operational resilience and ensures your organization complies with regulatory requirements. This proactive approach helps anticipate and mitigate risks, safeguarding your operations’ stability and continuity. Unmanaged risks and vulnerabilities in OT systems can lead to operational disruptions, safety hazards, and substantial financial losses.

Gain comprehensive visibility into your OT assets and their relationships by creating a complete inventory of your industrial environment

Prioritise mitigation actions and focus on the most critical threats with automated risk assessments

Protect your OT systems from potential cyber attacks and vulnerabilities to enhance the security of your operations

Monitor risks continuously to uphold operational efficiency and reliability

Safeguard your critical infrastructure by proactively identifying and addressing potential risks


Create a dynamic visual representation of your network topology. This feature enables proactive vulnerability management and helps identify potential attack vectors, allowing for more effective risk mitigation.

Streamline the risk assessment process with automated data collection and analysis across IT, OT, IoT, and IIoT sources. This reduces audit time and resources, providing a clear picture of your security status.

Adhere to industry standards and regulations with built-in compliance assessment capabilities. The platform incorporates industry-standard metrics and adheres to NIST guidelines.

Empower your team to proactively manage vulnerabilities and harden security. The platform’s monitoring capabilities help identify and address potential threats before they impact your operations.

Leverage innovative algorithms to prioritize risks based on their potential impact on operations. This allows you to address the most critical threats first, optimizing resource allocation and improving overall security posture.

Receive step-by-step mitigation instructions tailored to your operational environment. These playbooks help your security teams address identified risks and vulnerabilities.

Easily integrate and scale up existing industrial and security controls. This ensures continuous OT cyber risk management without significant changes to your infrastructure.

Access a unified view of your OT risk landscape through customizable dashboards. This enables efficient decision-making and improves overall risk management strategies.

Don’t let vulnerabilities disrupt your operations,
be proactive and maintain operational resilience.

OT Security is a Journey, not a Destination

At SoterICS, we’re not just safeguarding your operational infrastructure. We’re enhancing your OT security landscape and making your operations shine. Partnering with our esteemed OT security partners creates an unbeatable synergy for success, ensuring the protection of your most critical assets. Implementing OT Security in complex organisations requires a deep understanding of your unique situation and core business.

Let’s start your OT security journey and ensure your production environment’s safety, reliability, and efficiency.

OT Security is a journey, not a destination