Network Monitoring

With our network monitoring service, your operations run efficiently and remain resilient against potential threats. By continuously monitoring your network, we help you identify vulnerabilities, detect anomalies early, and mitigate risks effectively. Protect your business with our comprehensive network monitoring solution.

A holistic view of all network activities

Continuous evaluation of every component for performance and security

Protection of your industrial environment from threats

A smooth integration of new technologies with existing systems


Gain complete visibility into your OT network. Our network monitoring tools identify all your devices, including traditional IT hardware and specialised industrial control systems such as PLCs, RTUs, and HMIs.

Manage and maintain a complete inventory of your network assets. Our network monitoring tools ensure that all components are up to date and functioning properly. And they help in planning upgrades and expansions.

Our network monitoring tools detect both conventional cybersecurity threats and those unique to industrial systems, such as targeted attacks on specific machinery or sabotage attempts. They use anomaly detection, signature-based detection, and behavioural analysis to identify potential threats.

Proper network segmentation is essential to control the spread of threats and manage access. Our network monitoring tools offer insights and recommendations for effective segmentation strategies.

Our tools continuously monitor your network to identify vulnerabilities like outdated firmware, unpatched software, or insecure configurations. This will help prioritise the most significant risks to the system’s integrity.

Our tools help OT networks comply with industry regulations and standards such as NERC CIP, IEC 62443, NIST, or ISO 27001. They provide detailed logs and reports crucial for audit trails and compliance verification.

Stay ahead of the threats, start monitoring today!

OT Security is a Journey, not a Destination

At SoterICS, we’re not just safeguarding your operational infrastructure. We’re enhancing your OT security landscape and making your operations shine. Partnering with our esteemed OT security partners creates an unbeatable synergy for success, ensuring the protection of your most critical assets. Implementing OT Security in complex organisations requires a deep understanding of your unique situation and core business.

Let’s start your OT security journey and ensure your production environment’s safety, reliability, and efficiency.

OT Security is a journey, not a destination