Endpoint Protection

In a complex Operational Technology (OT) environment, advanced and legacy systems may coexist, creating unique cybersecurity challenges. While essential to your operations, these systems may be outdated and lack modern security measures. As they integrate with internal and external networks, they become vulnerable to cyber threats.

Endpoint Protection and Virtual Patching, defence without disruption

The solution lies in implementing Endpoint Protection and Virtual Patching. These two strategies provide a flexible and robust defence mechanism without disrupting operations.

  • Integrates seamlessly with your current technologies.
  • Safeguards your devices without interfering with their operation.
  • Offers a flexible defence that can adapt to emerging cyber threats.
  • Ensures your operations continue without interruption.
  • Provides critical support for your legacy systems against modern threats.


Endpoint protection

Defends your endpoints from malicious activities right at their entry point. It achieves comprehensive security through a combination of antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, and sophisticated behavioural analytics.

Receive real-time protection by identifying and blocking known and unknown malware threats, preventing your system from being compromised.

Detect suspicious or potentially harmful activities through an early warning system against cyber threats to ensure your data and systems remain secure.

Gain control over incoming and outgoing network traffic, enhancing your security by blocking any unauthorised access.

Control and enforce rules for your devices, ensuring your data stays safe and unauthorised access is prevented.

Protect your sensitive data by encrypting it on endpoints, ensuring it’s safe from unauthorised access and potential data breaches.

Ensure that your systems are always up to date by automating the deployment of security patches and updates, addressing vulnerabilities promptly and maintaining their integrity.

Monitor, manage, and adjust endpoint security policies and activities efficiently via a centralised dashboard. This provides you with complete control and a clear overview of your cybersecurity status.

Integrate your existing legacy systems with the rest of your OT environment to protect your assets without the need for costly upgrades or replacements.

Minimise downtime and workflow interruption during implementation, thanks to our seamless installation process that doesn’t require a system restart. 

Virtual patching

It provides a protective layer to address vulnerabilities in your software and systems, without the need to modify the actual code. This is a temporary fix until a permanent patch can be applied, offering a practical solution for your legacy systems that cannot be updated easily.

Detect known patterns of malicious behaviour, like malware signatures, to block attacks at the network level.

Identify unusual behaviour or deviations in your network traffic to alert you to possible intrusions.

Monitor and analyse your network protocols to identify and block any suspicious or unauthorised activities.

Screen incoming and outgoing network traffic using predefined rules and policies, in order to prevent malicious content from reaching endpoints.

Integration with threat intelligence feeds allows you to stay updated on emerging threats and adjust your security policies in a timely manner.

Access detailed logs and reports of detected threats, blocked activities, and security events for analysis and compliance purposes.

Don’t wait for a cyber attack to happen, be proactive with our Endpoint Protection and Virtual Patching.

OT Security is a Journey, not a Destination

At SoterICS, we’re not just safeguarding your operational infrastructure. We’re enhancing your OT security landscape and making your operations shine. Partnering with our esteemed OT security partners creates an unbeatable synergy for success, ensuring the protection of your most critical assets. Implementing OT Security in complex organisations requires a deep understanding of your unique situation and core business.

Let’s start your OT security journey and ensure your production environment’s safety, reliability, and efficiency.

OT Security is a journey, not a destination

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