IT-OT Unified

Unite IT and OT assets to boost efficiency, enhance cybersecurity, and drive business agility. This solution integrates with your company’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB), giving you a unified view of your IT and OT assets.

Bridge the gap between IT and OT teams for effective collaboration and knowledge sharing

Automate workflows to improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime and enhance cybersecurity

Streamline compliance with industry regulations

Increase agility and responsiveness to changing business needs

Enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing between IT and OT teams


Centralise and visualise your OT asset inventory by integrating data from various discovery tools and sources. Create a comprehensive and visual map of your OT environment, including asset relationships, to quickly identify problems and security risks, and streamline asset management.

Monitor and manage changes in your OT environment in one unified system, from software updates to new sensor connections. This allows for seamless communication, coordination, and tracking across your team.

Identify and address vulnerabilities in your OT systems, which are common sources of security breaches. This tool offers you automated alerts, visualisation tools, and prioritisation capabilities for proactive vulnerability management.

Improve your operational efficiency by extending digital workflows to OT assets and processes. This allows you to connect the right people to the right information, enabling them to transform insights into action.

Unify your IT and OT assets today for enhanced cybersecurity and business agility!

OT Security is a Journey, not a Destination

At SoterICS, we’re not just safeguarding your operational infrastructure. We’re enhancing your OT security landscape and making your operations shine. Partnering with our esteemed OT security partners creates an unbeatable synergy for success, ensuring the protection of your most critical assets. Implementing OT Security in complex organisations requires a deep understanding of your unique situation and core business.

Let’s start your OT security journey and ensure your production environment’s safety, reliability, and efficiency.

OT Security is a journey, not a destination