Unlock Your OT Security with SoterICS OT Shield Subscriptions

Your OT infrastructure is more than just a system; it’s the backbone of your operations. At SoterICS, we get it. We’re here to reduce risks and ensure your operations keep running smoothly.

Our cross-organizational support model fortifies digital OT security with risk-based investments and excellence.

  • Ensure compliance with NIS2 and other standards.
  • Align security features with your business needs.
  • Establish a resilient architecture for sustainable growth.

The result: start focusing on growing and scaling your business without worrying about productivity, safety, or reliability.

Optimise Your OT Security with our OT Shield subscriptions

Whether embarking on your security voyage or seeking to fortify your defences, we offer solutions perfectly aligned with your needs and aspirations. Our OT Shield subscriptions offer varying maturity levels to elevate your security measures effectively.


The foundation for a safer environment

Keep your production operational while we establish a secure environment with system health checks and firmware updates.

Informed (reactive)

Stay ahead of threats
Informed (reactive)

Stay ahead of emerging threats with regular Events & Risk Analyses and flexible service adjustments. We keep you informed about security threats and operational hiccups. Your OT Security Coach provides quarterly advice on enhancing your organisation’s digital security.

Repeatable (proactive)

A vigilant security posture
Repeatable (proactive)

Achieve higher OT security maturity with vigilant event monitoring and a ‘Cyber Risk Matrix’ that translates technical events into actionable insights. Well-defined Incident Response Plans ensure resilient business continuity.


Long-term threat mitigation

SoterICS is your dedicated point of contact for OT security. As your reliable ally, we guide your organisation towards enhanced OT security maturity, ensuring the security of your business and providing you with peace of mind.

Guiding Each Layer Of Your Organisation

  • Strategic Support
    Elevate your cybersecurity stance with strategic services meticulously tailored to ensure compliance with NIS2 and other pertinent standards.
  • Tactical Support
    Seamlessly unite IT and OT security efforts to fortify your infrastructure and future-proof your operations.
  • Operational Support
    Strengthen your defences with targeted IT/OT services, MDR strategies, and enhanced collaboration.

Let’s discuss how we can help protect your OT environment and propel your business toward unparalleled success.

OT Security is a Journey, not a Destination

At SoterICS, we’re not just safeguarding your operational infrastructure. We’re enhancing your OT security landscape and making your operations shine. Partnering with our esteemed OT security partners creates an unbeatable synergy for success, ensuring the protection of your most critical assets. Implementing OT Security in complex organisations requires a deep understanding of your unique situation and core business.

Let’s start your OT security journey and ensure your production environment’s safety, reliability, and efficiency.

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